NI/TI Mechanical Infield Operators


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We are looking for NI/TI MECHANICAL INFIELD OPERATORS to our customer company at Olkiluoto3.

- Ability to align a system with autonomy
- Ability to drain fill and vent a system
- Ability to realize an operator round, realize an isolation for ensure a safe works, realize a little analysis to write a fault notification
- Check on the field all the components linked with piping and instrumentation diagram, verify the labeling, summarize all the deviations

- In field operator in PWR unit with 5 years of experience in working in operation only
- Knowledge about blocking process
- Ability to realize a nuclear risk analysis
- Fluent in English.
- Working in shift needed

The positions will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found, so apply today.


Fabienne Moisy: +358 40 154 9157

Haku päättyy: 01.03.2020


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