Nokia creates cutting-edge mobile technologies and fixed and cloud networks, including the world’s fastest " />Nokia creates cutting-edge mobile technologies and fixed and cloud networks, including the world’s fastest ">

SoC Package Specialist, DFE ASIC TOP


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Nokia creates cutting-edge mobile technologies and fixed and cloud networks, including the world’s fastest 5G. Right now, Nokia is looking for SoC talents for their offices in Oulu, Finland – one of the top tech innovation hotspots in the Nordics.

In cooperation with Business Finland we at ECHO Engineering are looking for SOC PACKAGE SPECIALIST to Nokia's SoC DU organization.

Engineer candidate should have strong understanding and experience of SoC design flow as well as product HW design.

We expect to find a person who can share the experiments and coordinate together with Package coordinator about the SoC package design related activities to vendor interface and inside SoC DU and HW platform direction. Duties include tasks like package type selection, close co-operation on design phase with supplier package team and Nokia PWB design and PWB simulation team around routing trials.

Package technical specialist should be able to recognize new speed grade interfaces effects for PWB design & technology requirements as well as power density and thermal viewpoint.
We also expect package technical specialist to understand about signal & power quality & integrity topics and having responsibility to co-operate and coordinate on die, package & PWB co-design. This requires understanding of SoC Signal & Power Integrity simulation models, methodologies and design rules for product printed board design. Skills for ballmap optimization both die floorplan and PWB design viewpoint are also required in order to allow optimization for PWB cost & performance.

Main responsibility area:

- Signal & Power Integrity co-design & guiding & follow that comprehensive simulations and test cases done both supplier & Nokia side.

- Power supply & tree definition & optimization for HW platform designers. Part of power saving methodology group.

- Define the relevant design specs for HW platform design on early phase around PWB, Signal & Power area.

- Support SoC bring-up board definition, design and product board design and also coordinate relevant electrical characterization test specifications and methodologies around signal & power quality.

- Share the own area experiment widely on counterpart design teams both supplier & Nokia SoC & product teams

Please submit your application and CV already today at

Possible inquiries can be directed to:
Anniina Aho,

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Anil Talwani: +358 40 1385600

Last day to apply: 18.01.2022


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