OIO,Operation Integrated Organization Supports


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We are looking for OIO Supports to our customer company at Olkiluoto3.


- Ability to manage a OPS team in a incidental or accidental situation ( PWR NPP only)
- Ability to realize a nuclear risk analysis(for line-up, corrective maintenance, for ex)
- Overall understanding about PWR NPP
- Analyse the incidental statement of the plant , are able to conduct the plant in a safe state.
- Experience in PWR NPP operation
- Communication
- Nuclear safety management
- Optimization


- Experience in Nuclear process on PWR (in operation),
- Nuclear safety knowledge on PWR (operation) ,
- Knowledge for operation (operator round, lineup, blocking, technical specification, plant state check, etc.)
- Operator reactor or turbine, or shift supervisor in PWR unit in operation only (1300MW, 1400MW, EPR)
- 5 years’ experience in main control room unit in operation ( PWR)
- 3 years’ experience minimum in PTW officer
- Knowledge about blocking process and maintenance process
- Knowledge in Nuclear safety ( barrier, safety function, human tools, redundancy, requirement for shift manager in a NPP)
- Knowledge and skills in technical specification (French RGE STE , US LCO)
- Possess a robust comprehension of the plant design and the interaction between systems
- Fluent English, ability with French or German .

The positions will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found, so apply today!


Fabienne Moisy: +358 40 154 9157

Last day to apply: 29.11.2020


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