Valve Supervisor


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We are looking for VALVE SUPERVISOR to our customer company at Olkiluoto3.

The tasks include:

To prepare the activities before the work order (WO) gets released by Permit to Work Office (PTW) :
- Check spare part availability
- Perform site walks and solve blocking in advance (confine space permit request, RTZ, scaffold…)
- Perform Foreign material exclusion (FME) assessment
- Fill MSRA template
Once the WO is released:
- To pick up the WO in PTW
- To Perform pre-job briefing with associated teams
- To support the teams with technical expertise and guidance on valve topics
- To monitor the performance of the valve work safely (first priority) and in due time.
- To ensure maximum safety of the persons, equipment, systems
- To follow quality requirements
- To alert in due time difficulties
- To report in due time the progress of the work
- To return the WO to PTW when the job is done
- To return to spare part team the additional spare parts

The person in charge will report directly to the valve Team Leader.

General and technical background expected :
- Engineer degree

Skills required:
- At minimum 5 years experience in nuclear power plant
- Knowledge of maintenance work methods on nuclear power plant
- Ability to lead site teams in English
- Work order process awareness and knowledge linked to issuance of work records
- Advanced technical understanding and ability to work with drawing diagrams and other technical documents

Languages (Level):
- Fluent in English (spoken and written)

The contract is for 16 months.


Fabienne Moisy: +358 40 154 9157

Last day to apply: 16.08.2020


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